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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Maddening March

It's been one of those Working Girl confluence of coincidences kind of days where I've gotten 3 referrals to the NCAA's March Madness. It feels a little like the radio playing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving (granted it is March already, so we can't stretch the analogy back to Halloween, but still). First Yahoo! sent me a notice that registration was open for their Pick 'em; next The CSTV Bracket Challenge did pretty much the same thing. (You can bet I'll be in both these, and a couple more before Thursday the 15th's midday tip off. I did win a local newspaper's office pool in 2004 thanks to a strong run by one of my ACC teams, a number 3 seed that year, Georgia Tech.)The third thing? Business 2.0's #8 on their list of "What's next" on the web in the March 2007 issue: PicksPal. I haven't checked it out in any depth yet, but it looks a bit like "Pick 'em" meets Limbomobile. I'll let you know.

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