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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lunch 'n' Run

I broke out my Adidas and went for a run outdoors today at lunch, the first time this Spring, although there have been some other warm days. I'm not sure what the inspiration was, I'd been staying in at the Wellness Center and watching Cramer's Mad Money on CNBC or The Family Feud and ticking off a couple miles on the treadmill. Maybe is was seeing the new Nike Zoom's at Fleet Feet's grand opening this past weekend. It put me in mind of my original running shoes, a pair of Nike Waffle Trainer II's, bought new in 1979. I know, 10 years later they were a collector's item in Japan, but I had started using mine for softball by 1982, they made a pretty good outfielder's shoe, but the lateral movement and the basepaths wreaked havoc on their sides.Anyway. Back to today at lunch. It was gorgeous. I didn’t see any coyotes like my wife did during her run at dawn this morning, but I did see plenty of ducks and fish. I followed the running group out from the old shower building. I hadn’t crossed over to the neighborhood that way since last summer sometime – there are houses in between the back campus road and the lake now – you still have to cross a patch of dirt and follow an unpaved road for a couple blocks. It was also too far for me, probably 5 – 6 miles; I haven’t run that far in 6 months probably. But I slowed down the last couple miles and didn’t suffer too much…(BTW, what's up with Adidas' Yoda-ism slogan: "Impossible is nothing"?)

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